My name is Elizabeth and I’m the Queen of the Ponderosa and Master of the Oven of Lovin’.  Some days I feel like I am a few steps away from a mid-life crisis.  I share the Ponderosa with Tator (Mark my husband) and the Tator Tots (Colton who’s almost 15 and Izzy who is 11) and Raisin our very spoiled Malti-poo who’s 3.  I am also mom to 2 adult children Brendan 26 and Cameron 25 and Mimi to 2 grandchildren Bridget and Parker.

All of the above is awesome.  However the residents of the Ponderosa have a need.  A need to eat healthier and lose some weight.  Since I’m the grocery getter and master chef it is in my control.

Come along with me and enjoy the moments at the Ponderosa.