The Cancer Update

Good morning, last night Dr. Williams called me with my biopsy results.  This call has had me on the edge of my seat all week.  It has had me going to Sentara My Chart at least 5 times an hour to see if I had a new test result.  I have learned that patience is something I do not excel at.  I do believe that every chance God gets to work on that feature of Elizabeth 1.0 he does.

So to bring you up to speed.  The concern for the biopsy was that it would come back Adrenal Cancer.  Our prayer had been for it to be Kidney Cancer.  Adrenal carried with it a really black cloud of limited treatment choices and not a will it come back but a when will it come back.  Kidney Cancer has more treatment options and once the mass has shrunk to an ok size, it should be removable.  BYE BYE BAM!  I still have 2 lesions on my liver.  They could not be biopsied because they were only discoverable by MRI.

So the call came last night after Dr. Williams had finished operating all day.  His calls always calm me.  He’s a reassuring voice.  The biopsy did come back Kidney Cancer.  Hooray.  How crazy is it that we are celebrating that I have Kidney Cancer.  But we here we are celebrating it!!!  He has already spoken with Dr. Fleming of Virginia Oncology and there are quite a few target chemo options, immunotherapy options, infusion options, pill options and a couple of trials.  Dr. Fleming asked Dr. Williams to tell me that 72 hours after my appointment on Friday I will be on something to start the EVICTION process of B.A.M.

I also shared with Dr. Williams 2 things.  The difficulty I had experienced with his office this week and that I was getting a 2nd opinion.  I told him that as much as I loved him and had complete confidence in him I did not have it in his office.  That I had zero trust in them and I wanted to fire them.  I told him that wasn’t fair to him because he is so amazing and it wasn’t fair to me.  Then I told him that I was getting a 2nd opinion.  I told him I was getting a second opinion for two reasons.  1) Just to make sure we were on the same page. 2) Because of his office because it had to be a package deal.  I had to trust them as much as I trusted him.

Dr. Williams wasn’t quite sure what to say after I shared my week’s trials with his office.  He completely agreed that I had to have trust in his office too and that in fact, he wanted that more than anything.  But he also thought it was a smart move on my part to get a second opinion.

I ended our phone call with a little hope.

So to bring you all up to speed.  I have an appointment on Tuesday in Richmond at VCU’s Medical College of Virginia (I think that’s the correct name) with Dr. Kaplan.  I am anxious about this appointment.  Thursday, I have an appointment with Dr. Williams and Friday I have an appointment with Dr. Fleming of Virginia Oncology.  Things are finally starting to come together.  I feel like I can see a flicker of light down the dark tunnel I have felt I’ve been in…and it isn’t the TRAIN coming to run me over.

So we march forward.  God as the driver and me in the backseat trying real hard to not give backseat instructions.  Those who know me…know that is one heck of a tall order for me.  Keeping my mouth shut.

I have a new found respect for pregnant ladies.  I am nauseous all the time.  ALL the TIME.  When I was pregnant with all of my kids…I got pregnant and 9 months later I delivered.  None of the morning sickness or 9-month sickness.  So my callous self who hadn’t experienced it thought in her head often…Suck it up buttercup.  I apologize to all those pregnant moms whom I may have thought that about.  But having experienced it first hand.  OMG.  It stinks.  It totally stinks.  I get it now.

So my reminder today is just cause you haven’t experienced it doesn’t mean it doesn’t stink!!!  Be kind to one another.  Even though you don’t get it or understand it, be nice.

So as always from the Ponderosa Kitchen to you!!!

Elizabeth Queen of the Ponderosa

2 thoughts on “The Cancer Update

  1. Wow, awesome incredible news. Power of prayer never ceases to amaze and thrill me. God does have plans for you Queen Elizabeth of patience. He is teaching all of us through you. Thank you!

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  2. Well if you do end up seeing Dr. Fleming, he’s very good and his NP is my niece and she’s wonderful! Kelly Byrum!


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