The Journey Continues…


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                                        Missing Brendan the oldest!                                                                                             But here we are: Mark, Me, Izzy, Cameron(back) & Colton


Mom, the glue that holds the family together.  Recently, that has been a challenge for me.  I have enough faith for my family on this journey but I feel like I am not doing my share on the family front.  Yes, I have just been diagnosed with cancer and I need to be taking it easy.  But I am not broken I can still do some things that make me feel useful.  Tator got upset with me this morning as I shared with him that tomorrow I wanted to make some goodies for those serving at our church for Jubilee weekend.  He argued that I needed to be resting and taking it easy to keep the pain at bay.  I argued that I needed to do something to make me feel useful.  He shook his head and gave me a kiss, resigned to not fight this battle with me.

Recently, a lot of the focus has been on me and on Izzy.  Izzy just had a birthday and I really wanted the focus to be on her and not her mom who has cancer.  I posted on Facebook for folks to send her birthday cards because originally I was having surgery on her birthday and I really wanted the focus to be on her day.  Well, I am here to tell you that blessed doesn’t even cover what we are.  Our mailbox was full of cards every day.  She was sent cards, gifts, gift cards, flowers, balloons, a box of Cheryl’s treats.  She was treated like a princess for the day.  My friend Maria took her and 5 of her friends to Spaghetti Eddy’s for pizza.  She then picked up a cake and I was able to participate in singing Happy Birthday to Izzy at home.  Thank you are 2 very simple words but not nearly big enough to express what I feel in my heart.

Colton has kind of been left in the shadows.  The misfortune of his birthday not being now!  When I started blogging it was to have you follow us on a journey of healthiness.  Things had spiraled out of control in Colton’s life resulting in high blood pressure and the need to change things.  He was on board, I thought.  But what I learned recently not 100% invested.

While I was sitting in the ER at Norfolk Sentara waiting to be seen last Wednesday, I received a text from Colton that made me cry.  He may not be happy with me for sharing it here, but I felt like it needed to be shared.

“Hey Mom, I’m not sure when you’ll read this but I thought I’d share a bit of good news and happy thoughts.  I’ve decided as you saw yesterday to change my life, while steps will be small to start with I’m excited to finally take action.  With my first day of fit Colton I started at a mild 3 mile walk.  The past week have sucked and I’ve dissolved over the stress and worry for you and resulted to food to share my thoughts with.  Mom, cancer sucks and being obese sucks and I don’t want it Love you mom.”

Pass me the box of tissues.  I know what it says and every time I read it I cry.  As a mom, you only want good things for your children.  I know that I never wanted him to walk the walk of being obese.  I have shared before that my walk down that road SUCKED.  As he is realizing now.  He has been grinding for the last week.  He’s increased to 4 miles.  I am so proud of him I could bust.  I tell him every day how proud I am of him.

This is a journey.  Together we will battle obesity and cancer.  Something a 15-year-old boy shouldn’t have to worry about.  I HATE that for him.  He’s a rockstar in my book.  He’s taking life by the horns and riding it full force.  He’s eating healthier.  He starts with a Isagenix vanilla shake in the morning.  Has nuts for lunch and snack and them a healthy dinner.  He is laser focused.  I couldn’t be more excited for where he is headed.

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Now should you want to drop him a card of encouragement to keep him focused…or words of wisdom.  I know he would quietly enjoy them.  Our address is 1029 Weeping Willow Drive Chesapeake, VA 23322

Together we will rock our journey.  Stay tuned for one amazing ride!!!

From the queen of the ponderosa…who’s not in the kitchen…to you.




One thought on “The Journey Continues…

  1. Tell Mark I said the same thing he did about th Jubilee goodies but then I said, “Knowing Elizabeth, she could not let us suffer with it her delicious brownies” I was strong and limited myself to one. ….lol. I see I picked the wrong time to take a hiatus from FB. I did not know about Izzys birthday. Sorry I missed the card blitz.


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