We all have those crazy relatives.  I have often said in life to pick your friends wisely because you are stuck with your relatives.  But I am so very grateful I am stuck with my sisters.  Because they are fierce, they are loving, they remind me of my Dad, and they are mine.

I am the middle of three girls.  We are only families.  Karen is the oldest.  (She’s in the middle)  She’s 55. (like the speed limit)  Suzan is (the one in green) the baby, she just turned 40 and I am the one on left side and I will be 50 in July.  There are 5 years between Karen and I and 10 between Suzan and I.  So we are classic 3 siblings.  Karen is the oldest in that she is the one that did everything right.  I was the middle… I did everything wrong, to get noticed, and Suzan well she is the baby, say no more!!!

Growing up, we were not very close.  I was always in trouble with our parents and causing some type of stress in the family life.  But still, God worked it all out.  We got through that too.

Karen and Suzan live about 5 miles apart in Richmond and do many things together.  They are not only siblings but best of friends.  They share the common interest that our Dad had. (Love of the Redskins, UNC, basketball, NASCAR)  I am much more like our mom and could give a flying flip!!!  They often get called Twins…despite the 15 year age difference.  WE age very well.  Thank you Howell stock.

Sometimes I get a smidge jealous of their closeness but I know and have always known that they have my back and love me too.  We each bring different traits to the table.  Karen is very thorough and precise and Suzan is organized and questioning.  I am me.

But make no mistake, we are the BOND girls.  We were the apple of our Dad, Ed’s eyes.  We are fierce together.  We have each other’s backs.  We challenge one another, we laugh together, we cry together.  I can think of no better sisters to walk this journey with.

I have thought several times in the last week of how much I wish my dad was here.  Just to be able to tell him and hear his voice and to have a big ol Ed bear hug.  But then I also thought that my dad would be a big ball of blubbering a big ball of mush.  I am glad that I am not putting him through that. He and my mom already had to bury 1 child.  Not that I am going to be buried…I have no plans for departing anytime soon.  But Dad would have been a HOT MESS.

Our mom is the matriarch of the BOND girls.  She’s tough as nails and rises to the challenge of anything that comes her way.  She will get through this too.  She is a wise woman who has guided me through many of life’s trials.

WE are 007…BOND…GIRLS!

from the Ponderosa to you!

Elizabeth Queen of the Ponderosa




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