Let’s Throw Mama a Curve Ball

I have been a Mama for 26 years, 9 months, and 9 days.  It all started with Brendan who will be 27, June 12.  I have 4 children altogether. Brendan and Cameron are from my first marriage.  They are 26 and 25.  Colton and Isabella(Izzy) are from my 2nd and current marriage to Tator.  Colton just turned 15 and Izzy will be 12 in May. Plus,  I have sweet and adorable grandchildren.  Bridget is 6 and Parker will be 3 in June.

I share that with you because I think you can imagine that over the last 26 years, 9 months, and 9 days in my role as Mama, I have had a few curve balls thrown my way.  I like to think that I have rallied to all the challenges those curve balls along the way have produced.  I haven’t always liked them but I have put one foot in front of the other and did what had to be done.

I wish (and yes I can work on changing) that I was the type of Mama who possesses the ability to believe and allow my children the wings to fly, no matter what.  However, my sense of reality and my common sense sometimes don’t allow that to happen.  Tator (aka Mark) is much better at that with Colton and Isabella than I am.  For instance, Izzy said the other night, “Can I cook dinner one night?”  Mark was like, “Sure, that sound great!”.  I was over there thinking of the mess and possible headaches that would accompany a request like that.  But I did tell her yes.  But not immediately.  I had to process it.  I, too, am a work in progress.

So, as you know we are on a healthy lifestyle journey, prompted by Colton’s high blood pressure scare.  I believe that it is a journey and not a race and that making changes that we can continue for life is important.  I don’t want to change for a couple of months to lose weight and then go back to the way things were.  I want duplicatable and repeatable changes.

Colton is a part of the Healthy You 4 life program at CHKD (Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters).  Our next meeting is with the exercise specialist and behavioral specialist.  After that appointment, we will set an appointment with the  Registered Dietician.  That is when our journey will have the biggest impact on me.  I have already been tweaking things and trying new things at dinner.  Most have gone over well.  Some (like wheat crust) not so much.

So, let’s get to the latest curve ball.  I take and pick up Colton from his school Tidewater Community Academy.  The afternoon pick-up usually starts with me asking about his day.  That takes about 15 seconds.  As he is not a big talker.  He then asks, “What’s for dinner?” So on Monday as this happened I told him Pork Tenderloin, roasted potatoes, and steamed broccoli.  He replied, “I’ll just have potatoes and broccoli.”  To which my head almost EXPLODED!  So I was questioning him on when he decided he didn’t like Pork Tenderloin????  He then says, “I’ve decided to go Vegan for a month.”  Ok, here is that classic point where I wish I was a better Mama and offered encouragement and YOU CAN DO THIS mentality.  But I don’t…and I didn’t!  😦  My first question (not in a confrontational tone) was about what was he going to eat?  I was quickly able to discern that he didn’t want to be VEGAN but VEGETARIAN.  He didn’t want to eat meat.  OK…PHEW…Yeah right….who am I trying to fool here?  The boy who eats NO fruit and 2 vegetables desires to go Vegetarian for a month.  He’s read that he can lose weight fast doing this.  CURVE BALL has been thrown.

So I did swap out diced ham or turkey breakfast sausage links for broccoli for him.  He LOVED them…SCORE!

unnamed (9)

So now on this journey of healthier eating, Colton is going to go Vegetarian for a month.  I am going to try to be encouraging and be “that” Mama.  I’m always looking for help and encouragement.  That is my insecure side shining through.

Colton really wants to go to Whole Foods.  I don’t want to have to mortgage my house to go there.  So his should be an interesting “field trip”.

Stay tuned folks.  This road has some curve balls, some bumps, some roadblocks and I hope lots of successes.  Stay with me.

From the Ponderosa Kitchen to yours!

Elizabeth, Queen of the Ponderosa Kitchen


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