When Mama Wants Chocolate Chip Cookies…but Nestle Toll House aren’t approved eats…

Yesterday I spent at least an hour on the phone with a true blessing in my life, Theresa Jennings.  She is a friend that remained a friend from my “apron” days.  She also retired her apron to pick up her passion for health, wellness, and fitness.   She is an Isagenix leader and believes strongly in her product,  her passion is also for facilitating doable and sustainable lifestyle changes.  She said something yesterday that really was impactful to me.  The word diet has the word DIE in it, but the world lifestyle has the word LIFE in it.   A lifestyle change is something the changes your life.  That is what the Ponderosa residents are doing.  We are changing our lifestyle.

I shared with Theresa that my pantry and freezer are full of things that are not “paleo” friendly.  She agreed that being wasteful was not a smart move.  That even in moderation some of the things in my pantry were okay.  My pantry is not full of bags of Doritos or Oreos.  It is full of things like cake mixes, chocolate chips, unsweetened cocoa powder, jasmine rice, many boxes of pasta, stovetop, basmati rice, arborio rice, cans of tomatoes, beans etc.  My freezer has frozen ground beef.  So as I have said from the start, healthy is a journey and it doesn’t happen in one day!

As this week approaches, Colton has his first appointment with Healthy You.  This one is the doctor visit for diagnosis.  Then we have an appointment with Jim White from Jim White Fitness for a Nutritional Therapy appointment.  We have to two appointments to see which is going to be the best fit for Colton.  So I will be sharing more about those as they happen in the coming week.

I love Trader Joes.  I don’t know how folks do all their grocery shopping there, but I love it.  I love to slowly walk the isles and see what they have on them.  Note to those local to me.  Go early to the Virginia Beach location, the later it gets in the day the more you can get run over my carts.  I picked up a bag of Almond Flour.  I almost had a stroke at the price.   But started thinking about things I could do with it.  There was a chocolate chip cookie recipe on the back that captured my attention.

Later in the week, I went to Sam’s Club and they had a bag of Almond Flour too.  I checked it out and they had a recipe for Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies that I wanted to try.  So I whipped out my trusty ol’ iPhone and took a picture of the back of the bag!

I have been battling a sweet tooth.  I am sure it is from the overwhelming feelings I have been having.


So here is what I whipped up today.  I actually used coconut oil and maple syrup in a cookie.  No butter and no sugar.  Say what????? Color me shocked.  I used Trader Joe’s Almond Flour because that was what I bought first.

Let me tell you the Ponderosa was smelling SWEET!  Literally!  Even Tator said, “Man something smells good.”  Score 1 for smelling good.  Test one passed.

I waited for them to cool and anxiously asked Tator to try one.  I stared at him as he picked one and took a bite.  He may have even said something like, “Stop staring at me!” But finally, after what seemed like an eternity, he said, “They are pretty good.”  Izzy came downstairs and wanted to try one too.  She liked them as well.  The jury is still out on Colton as he’s doing the teenager thing and sleeping.  But all in all, I think they were a success.  I will explore cooking more with coconut oil and maple syrup.  I still can’t believe they are in these cookies.  The Almond Flour does give them a nuttier or grainier texture.  But in the world of cookies goodness…They are a HIT at the Ponderosa.

One recipe down….many more to come!

From the Ponderosa Kitchen to yours,

Elizabeth, Queen of the Ponderosa!

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