Stressed & Overwhelmed Meets Girl Scout Cookies

Who knew that lifestyle changes could be so tough? Oh wait, I did.  Reason #100,209 I hadn’t made any lifestyle changes recently.  Changes, in general, are hard and challenging and I like to live on Easy Street.  A desire for change usually comes from finally getting to the point you are tired of what you are currently doing, a health crisis, a life crisis, those are just the ones that have resulted in changes in my life.  You may have different reasons for a change.

In 1989, I had the Verticle Banded Gastric Bypass surgery.  I had been overweight all my life.  I had been picked on, name called, laughed at, made fun of, ostracized, left out, alone, and sad for many years.  High school wasn’t for me what it was for many.  The VBG was the “answer”, the quick fix.  SO, I jumped in eagerly.  I lost 100 pounds, what I didn’t lose was why I ate and when I ate.  I didn’t fix my head.  I had complications with the VBG, I ate and threw up for 5 years, anytime I ate meat, potatoes, rice, veggies and things of that nature.  Potato chips, M&Ms, popcorn, taco bell, and things like that went down ok.

Finally, I had had enough and returned to my surgeon and said ENOUGH!  So he converted my VBG to the gastric bypass.  Again, a quick fix but I didn’t fix the issues.  I didn’t fix the why’s and the when’s.  I didn’t exercise.  The quantity that I could eat was controlled, but the reasons and the emotions that drove my eating were not.

I tell you this because I want to be 100% honest and up front on this journey.  This new lifestyle change is step one.  I want you to know that being overweight is something that I have a complete understanding of.  I know all the bullying, the abusive name calling, the depression, the self-hate, the no self-esteem, the complete sadness that accompanies being overweight.  Colton is not alone in this journey.  We are together as a family on this.

I cannot lie and say oh this is so easy peasy because it is NOT.  Healthy is not cheap nor easy.  I spent some time in my Harris Teeter yesterday.  OH my goodness.  Not only was I sticker shocked but overwhelmed.  I was in the grain/rice aisle.  There are so many grains I have never heard of or have any idea what they are.  The prices were shocking.  Where are the coupons for quinoa, brown rice, and sprouted something? The choices were mind blowing.  I keep saying over and over in my head, slow and steady wins the race.  This isn’t a sprint.  Healthy didn’t happen overnight.

I just happened to have supported a cute little girl scout by buying some of the evil cookies they sell this time of year.  Yes, I could have given them away to someone else, but where’s the fun in that.  So I may or may not have eaten 2 boxes of Girl Scout cookies in the last week.  YAY me.  I eat when I am happy,  when I am sad,  when I am stressed, when I am angry, when I am any emotion, I eat.  I haven’t fixed that yet.   I am one of those that LIVES to EAT not Eats to live kind of people.  Man, this is going to be harder than I thought.  It is time to suck it up butter cup.

I hope you will stay on this journey with the gang at the Ponderosa.  It is sure to be an interesting one.  As I delve into this and get a handle on the specifics.  There are sure to be some laughs, some tears, and some high fives along the way.  It takes a village of support.  Thanks for the love and the encouragement.

From the Ponderosa Kitchen to yours,

Elizabeth, Queen of the Ponderosa

PS….Quinoa has become a thumbs up side dish at the Ponderosa…there will be recipes coming featuring quinoa.  Who knew….NOT ME!


3 thoughts on “Stressed & Overwhelmed Meets Girl Scout Cookies

  1. Oh I feel ya, girl.
    For me it’s all about health, also. After the stroke 2 years ago I lost 30 pounds, and then took my eyes off the prize and promply put it back on.
    Joining Weight Watchers was not a desperate move, it was a sensible one. I don’t follow it a hundred percent, but I have guidelines and I have accountability. One small change at a time will create lasting changes. You can do this!


  2. I totally understand where you are, and where you’ve been. I live that life. I love food, and it loves me! But, I have many other medical issues due to being overweight, so consider yourself one of the lucky ones.
    What I have found out recently is that if I fill up on a healthy appetizer before supper (my preference is a sliced cucumber or carrot sticks with a bit of ranch dip) I am pretty much full by the time supper is done and don’t eat near as much. Yeah, the sour cream isn’t good for me, but neither is overeating the starches that my husband wants at suppertime (and unfortunately he is not overweight and loses weight quickly if he doesn’t eat starches). I don’t feel as if I’m dieting but I’m eating better so I don’t feel as if I’m being punished. And yes, no matter how you say diet, it feels like a punishment to an overweight person. And punishment to a perfectionist is a double whammy of depression. I’ve lost 6lbs in the last 2 months doing this one trick!
    Another trick is to use smaller plates. When a plate is full, you feel like you’re getting more food, plus you aren’t able to pile as much on to the plate.
    And give up carbonated drinks…diet or otherwise…or at least limit yourselves to no more than 2 glasses per week. Not sure why, but they make me crave junk food. I find that the flavored water is a wonderful substitution and very satisfying.
    And here is where I cringe….limit the carbs you eat. My weakness. Er-go the evening cucumbers. Carbs turn into sugar, so you might as well just paint them on my hips!
    Just implementing a few mind tricks with some healthier food that doesn’t look & feel like healthy food will get you guys started on your journey. And remember…slow & steady wins the race.


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