Change…a 6 letter word.

Yesterday, Colton had an appointment with Nephrology.  Yes, I originally spelled that word wrong and had to google how to spell it.  I had no idea that blood pressure issues would be monitored and managed through a kidney doctor.  But, color me surprised.  You learn something new every day.

His appointment was with Dr. Raafat.  She was fabulous.  I cannot say enough good things about her.  First impressions are everything, and this one was awesome.  I appreciate a Doctor that shoots from the hip, that is straightforward, and says the things you need to hear in a way you actually hear them.  Colton liked her too, which is bonus points in my Mama book.

Hypertension for Colton is hereditary and weight related.  Tator has been on blood pressure medication since he was 18.  He hasn’t always had love handles.  When we first met he was a tall and lean fella.  We joke that I looked at him and thought, “Man there’s someone I can fatten up.”  While I didn’t really think that, it has kind of happened.  So there’s the paternal side of heredity.  Then there’s the maternal side.  My mom takes blood pressure medicine and my dad did as well.  He died of a massive stroke.  So poor Colton, if this were baseball, three strikes and he’d be out.

Weight is something we can work on together.  None of the residents of the Ponderosa are at their optimal weight and fitness level.  Dr. Raafat shared with Colton some of the things that we would need to change.  I’m sure my face must have looked like I had just seen a 6-foot snake slither by.  She said things like, “No white rice, no potatoes, no sugar, no white bread.”  Wait a minute…NO, what?????????  I have 10 pounds of sugar in my sugar jar.  I have oh my goodness I have many bags of jasmine, basmati, arborio rice.  BAGS I tell you.  Sigh.

I shared with her the pickiness of Colton.  She pretty much told him to suck it up.  That he needed to change his habits.  Carbs are not any one’s friend.  EEK….I may have known that.  But I think I was in denial, not the river either. She told him about being able to eat as many fruits and veggies as he wanted.  She told him he may try something once and not like it.  But he needed to try it 3-5 times to totally rule it out.  He needed to have an open mind when trying things.  I was grateful for her honesty and challenge to Colton.

She suggested that Paleo or a Mediterranean change of lifestyle.  So I will be spending my time reading and researching.  She also told Colton to look for recipes for vegetables and to get in the kitchen and help me cook.  I loved that.

Change is not going to be easy and it isn’t going to happen overnight.  It is going to be a slow and steady change, not a fast,  in and out change.  I think slow and steady will be the way to win the war.

So folks there you have it, things are changing in the Ponderosa kitchen.  I will be educating myself on both lifestyle changes.  Many of you have faith in me in the kitchen.  I hope I don’t let you down.


From the Ponderosa Kitchen to yours.

Elizabeth, Queen of the Ponderosa Kitchen.

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