Cancel the search party…

First, I need to apologize.  I started this blog and then bailed because I didn’t have a plan in place for my blogging.  You see,  I was so excited to start my blog that I didn’t think through my blog plan.

Yesterday, at church, my friend Sue said to me, “I know your plate is full, but are you going to keep blogging?  I really miss it.”  She made my day.  Here I really thought I was blogging for myself.  I wasn’t sure if anyone really read it or even liked it.  So at least I have ONE person that enjoys Ponderosa Moments.

Let me catch you all up on life at the Ponderosa.  I know you really want a recipe, but that may have to wait until the next post.

On January 28, 2017, Mark (aka Tator or my husband) had a hip replacement.  He has been in agonizing pain for quite a while and finally took the leap of faith and had surgery.  Before surgery, though, we had a blip with an abnormal EKG.  It was resolved after a trip to the cardiologist and Mark having to have an Echo Stress test.  It was a scary few days of not being sure if Mark had a heart issue on top of his hip issue.  But God worked it all out.

Dr. Higgins came out after surgery and told me it had gone as planned.  Mark had done well during surgery and there had been no unexpected issues.  I am still amazed that his hip was replaced with only a 4-inch incision and in one hour and a half.  Modern medicine is simply amazing.

I didn’t lay eyes on Tator until he was taken to his room for the overnight stay.  Pain management was an issue.  There was a struggle to get his pain to a tolerable level. But that being said,  within 2 hours of being in his room, Physical Therapy was in and getting him up.  SAY WHAT???  He got up walked out of his room and down the L-O-N-G hallway and back.  What a rock star he was. I left him about 9:00 that night and headed home to relieve our friends Melissa and Kristen from kid and puppy duty.

Saturday morning I was up early as I was also “catering” a lunch at Colton’s school for the Scholarship board.  I made Chicken Salad, Potato Salad, Asain Noodles, Fruit salad, Side Garden Salad, Lemon Muffins, and brownies.  (some I did Thursday afternoon).  I stopped by TCA to drop off the food and then headed over to Mary Immaculate.  Tator was very anxious to come home.

I was able to break him out of the hospital and get home by 12:30.  Fixed him some lunch and he was happy to be back at the Ponderosa.    Izzy had a basketball game that afternoon.  Before we left for her game, I got Tator all tucked in on the sofa.  Ice pack CHECK, drink CHECK, pain medicine on board CHECK, remote CHECK.  He was all set.  Off to Izzy’s game we went.   During Izzy’s game, I get a text from Tator, “I am going to go upstairs, I can’t sleep on the sofa.”  WHAT.???!!!!!! Are you kidding ME??? That man is gonna give me a heart attack. Yes, he went upstairs without me.  He did get Colton to bring his walker upstairs.

The next two weeks were comprised of taking care of Tator and the Ponderosa household.  Nursing is NOT my calling.  Though I did strive hard to be a better nurse.  Tator is back to work.  He is stubborn and hard headed.  He’s also not the type of guy to just sit around.   So I bite my tongue and let him learn lessons the hard way.

Life seemed to be getting back to some semblance of normal.  Then Colton started complaining about a headache on this past Wednesday.  First, he thought it was a new body wash I had bought him.  Then we thought maybe it might be something in his school.  Friday, Mark picked him up early from school because his head was throbbing.  He asked if it hurt bad enough to go to the Doctor.  Colton replied, “No.”  Mark told him that he would need to let us know if he felt like that had changed.   He had no other symptoms.

Izzy had a basketball game Saturday afternoon.  As we got ready to leave for her game, Colton said he thought he needed to go to the Doctor but could wait until we got back from Izzy’s game.

Mark and I took him to Patient First.  On the way there, I said to Mark, “I wonder if his blood pressure is high and that is causing his headaches?”  But that was about the extent of our conversation.  When the nurse took his blood pressure it was 168/101.  She seemed a little freaked out.  She escorted us to our cubicle and said that she was going to take his blood pressure again with the “old school” cuff and stethoscope.  That was 167/106. She quickly left the room.  When she came back she told us they wanted to do blood work to make sure his blood sugar wasn’t high and get a baseline.  Then she would come back and take his BP in 10 minutes.

She came back and took his blood pressure it was 156/107.  The Doctor came in and did a thorough examination of Colton.  He diagnosed Colton with high blood pressure and wrote a script for Hydrazaline for it.  He said that it was becoming an epidemic in kids Colton’s age.  Then told me to follow up with his pediatrician.

We filled the medicine and bought a blood pressure machine.  His blood pressure has remained high and at times scary for me and Mark.

We have an appointment today at 1:15 with a Doctor at our pediatrician’s office.  I know this is not going to be an easy appointment.  There are some serious weight issues that are going to need to be addressed.  I am praying for a tough Mama skin for myself and for me to not get defensive but for Colton to be the center of the discussions.  TO get answers to help us move toward a healthier Colton and family.

So, friends, I see some major changes coming at the Ponderosa.  It’s so hard when you love to cook, when food is your love language, when your food tells people you love them, when butter makes everything better.  I would be lying if I didn’t say I’m more than a little scared.  But I know God has a plan and I am going to be as open as I can be to follow it.

So there you have it.  What’s been happening at the Ponderosa.  I will be back with a recipe I promise.  I think the Lemon Muffins will be a good one to share.

From the Ponderosa kitchen to you,

Elizabeth Queen of the kitchen


5 thoughts on “Cancel the search party…

  1. I am by no means an expert but if you need help with the cooking let me know… I also love to cook and have had to make some major changes with the way I cook the last few years. I promise it can’t be done and still be tasty. You got this!! When it comes to the health and safety of your child I know you’ll do what needs to be done


  2. It was hard at first to not reach for the salt to season when I cooked something. But I learned. When it comes to meats, that may be a whole other story, but I learned moderation was best. And pasta learned to not expect a date with salt in the boiling pool! I now ASK if someone desires salt, and they add it to their food as desired.

    AND I have read many articals on the PINK SALT being the absolutely best out there for you health….


  3. Love your blog! HBP is no fun suffered since before my oldest was born and she is 33! I ran into a serious hiccup about 4 years ago managing my heart rate and my BP! I couldn’t walk from the front door to the mailbox without thinking I was going to die! Lots of meds, med changes, serious side affects and finally after 1 1/2 years we got it! Then back and forth every 3 months for checks and then the OK to start exercising again. Big change in the way we eat, planted a big garden, fresh everything, can and freeze all my own broths and sauces, can tomatoes, jams and pickles, cut out processed food, etc! I’m all good and then the hubby was diagnosed with diabetes–time to change it up again! Life is good with butter and creamy sauces but, life is better without it! Like his dietitian said, “you can have a slice of pie, just not the whole pie!” Good luck! Miss our PC days! 😉


  4. I love reading your blog. Sending lots of healing prayers for your family, especially Colton. You have never struck me as someone who shys away from a challenge, and I’m guessing this will be no different. Food can definitely still be your love language and you will be showing an extreme amount of love when you go through great measures to help provide healthy food to your family. I can’t wait to see where this journey takes you. And please share the yummy new recipes that I’m sure your going to come up with! You are an amazing Momma!


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