A Discovery Moment



Discovery Moment…Ut Oh….what is coming next.  Pretty simple folks.  I had a couple people ask me why I decided to start blogging and if I had always liked to write or was it something that had developed as I aged. (eek aged…I need a new word there) Let me ponder a new word for aged.  Matured…um no. Aged up…nah. I may have just googled some synonyms for aged.  Man I didn’t like those either.  Old as the hills, no spring chicken, or past one’s prime.  OK ENOUGH…since I’ve left my young and foolish days.

Growing up I always had a camera in my hand.  I was a local photographer for The Tidewater News.  I photographed all the sports events at Southampton Academy.  Many of my high school friends ended up on the front page or in the sports pages of  The Tidewater News.  My dad was also the Fire Chief of Courtland Volunteer Fire Department.  When the pager went off and the siren at the end of the street sounded I shot out of bed like a rocket and beat daddy to his suburban.  He was on the front page a LOT.  It was at The Tidewater News that I have many fond memories of writing and developing film.  Yes, young folks, film used to have to be developed.  They had a dark room to develop black and white film and print.  That was my creative zone.

As a teenager, having access to something as awesome as The Tidewater News was sweet.  I also was a member of the year book staff, The Old Plank  at Southampton Academy.  That was sponsored by the most amazing lady, Lillian Smith.  She was an amazing mentor.  I was an active member of the yearbook staff and even was the editor my senior year of high school.  I lived and breathed that yearbook.  I dare say it was the BEST yearbook they ever had.  I almost didn’t graduate that year.  I was so focused on having the best yearbook.  I wrote almost all of the copy, captioned the pictures, took the pictures (not all but a lot), and anything else that needed to be done.  What I didn’t do is my school work very effectively.  My AP English Term paper was abysmal and late.  I had to get an A on my final exam to pass and to graduate.  I did it and was a proud member of the class of 1985.

Photography has always been a constant in my life.  Just ask Tator.  He hates it!  I managed Sears Portrait Studios for 6 years and then moved to Montgomery Wards until they closed.  But I have always had a camera handy ready to capture the next shop.  Then cell phones added cameras and wow the world was my candy store and no one was safe.  Ask Tator.

Writing had been something that had taken the back burner for a while.  But something that had been brewing.  Facebook came along and it gave me a little bit of a platform but not enough.  Many times people would say man you need to write.  I would dismiss it as I struggled with my inner self esteem.  This past year has been a year of discovery and obedience.  The word blog or the thought of a blog kept appearing in my thoughts, dreams, daydreams, etc.  For me that is one of those GOD MOMENTS.  Where he subtly taps me on the shoulder and plants a thought.  Do you have any of those?

So with the New Year approaching and my word for the year being Transformation, God smacked me a little harder and I reached out to a friend who is my social media guru and go to girl, Desiree and  I simply said, “I am thinking about writing a blog, but I know nothing!”.  She replied, “I think it is a fabulous idea and here’s where you start.”  What a great mentor and friend.  SO as I break into the world of blogging you all are my guinea pigs.  I hope you enjoy reading what I write.  I hope it will bring a smile, a laugh, a head nod, an ah ha, encouragement, cheer, and many other words that I can’t quite get out.

Here’s to 2017 and my first blog.  I hope you will share my blog with those around you.

~love~ Elizabeth

Queen of the Ponderosa

PS…My Izzy…my scared of nothing girl decided that she wanted to write a blog also.  So I have encouraged her to do so.  We are learning it together.  Hers is called truetalkwithizzy.



2 thoughts on “A Discovery Moment

  1. Another thing we have in common – yearbooks! I seriously considered journalism back in the day (1973) to be exact. I was the editor of both my high school yearbook and college yearbook. Oh the memories! Love the blogging, Elizabeth!


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